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Choose our Kiev escorts girl Feather of months, it, indifferently, comes to me, and again we perfectly well spend time. Kiev escorts about what does not ask me, and itself in any way does not explain the absence. But, to tell the truth, and it would not be desirable to ask it, as I saw that truth she will not tell, will necessarily tell lies to Communicate with it it was simply healthy – easily, carefree, absolutely thoughtlessly. We with it constantly were in a condition of easy euphoria, played a trick the friend on the Kiev escorts girl , laughed, not clearly, over what. So we incidentally saw within three years, and these meetings was not too much. At last it has absolutely disappeared from a field of my sight. Where it now, also that with it – I do not know, but memory of this eccentrical, not clear little girl remained. However, I want to make a reservation: I in this case do not speak about the present, big love which breaks canons and rules and pulls down all barriers on the way. It is a theme of other, separate book. When the love relations of the man and the Kiev escorts woman start to submit to other laws, heart laws comes. In the same book we speak about how to be pleasant to men, how to fascinate them, how to be in their eyes desired and sexy. So, be not in earnest too about the success at men. Consider it as original game. If any attempt of seduction has appeared unsuccessful if it has not brought expected result anything terrible has not occurred! The main thing – do not create to itself about it in complexes, do not blame itself, and do not run into pessimism. Remember that in all there is an element of chance. At all do not regard one private failure as the proof of that you are absolutely not capable to turn a head to the Kiev escorts woman. Life is in many respects similar to fascinating and unpredictable game. Anyway, it will appear such if you in appropriate way concern it. Feel a few hunter. Do not forget that you have given yourselves the task: to fascinate all men! Phases of relations of the man and the Kiev escorts woman the First phase. The woman – spends the most part of time at phone, expecting a call of the man. Checks serviceability of the telephone set. The man – at all does not change a habitual daily routine. The second phase. The woman – suffers, to call to him or not to call. At last, she all the same calls to it, having resorted for bravery to alcohol, and also having called the girlfriend for support. The man – sometimes forgets to call it, having broken the made promise. The third phase. The woman – enthusiastically tells about it to the friends, does to itself a new hairdress, goes on a diet and updates clothes. The man – thinks of it so:« At it a class bottom and beautiful eyes ». He often calls to it. The woman – considers that it to it is unconditionally true. The man – does not reflect at all on it. The fourth phase. The woman – suggests it to go somewhere on a weekend. It rushes in a hairdressing Kiev escorts salon. Shaves feet. Throws in a suitcase set of clothes and the most Kiev escorts sexual linen. The man – estimates, on what highway it is possible to reach a summer residence.